Keolis wint nieuw bus en trolleybus contract in Lyon

Keolis received notification from SYTRAL Mobilités of its award of the Lyon metropolitan region bus and trolleybus operating and maintaining contract. This concession contract (delegation de service public) will begin on 1 January 2025 and run for six years. It is expected to generate €269 million in annual revenue. Through its future subsidiary Keolis Bus Lyon, Keolis will thus operate the largest bus network open to tender in France. With 3,000 employees and 136 bus routes including eight trolleybus lines, this contract is a major reference for the energy transition. Keolis Bus Lyon undertakes to contribute to the creation of social and environmental value by taking the form of a mission-driven enterprise.

“We are proud of this win which demonstrates SYTRAL Mobilité’s continued trust in Keolis and its teams. The quality of the bids submitted for the two lots, the mobilisation of our teams; their expertise and their knowledge of the region were all outstanding. SYTRAL Mobilités’ decision comes as an acknowledgement of the enduring and unstinting hard work of Keolis’ teams in Lyon. Our commitment to the TCL network remains intact and will be demonstrated tomorrow in cooperation with all stakeholders and for the benefit of passengers. On contract launch, Keolis Bus Lyon will become a mission-driven enterprise and will support the social, societal and environmental ambitions of SYTRAL Mobilités,” said Marie-Ange Debon, Chief Executive Officer of the Keolis Group.

Recruit, train and retain to deliver a service boost

Keolis Lyon hired more than 600 male and female drivers in 2023, and the company undertakes to hire at least 1,500 more over the course of the contract, and train 500 in the next three years. Working conditions are a key aspect contributing to employee loyalty, particularly for younger new hires. To this end, several levers will be activated: the introduction of personalised rosters with a commitment to visibility four weeks in advance, and the gradual deployment of shifts adapted to employee wishes for a better work-life balance.

These initiatives, designed to increase the appeal of the job of bus driver, come in addition to recruitment actions that have already been deployed: increased hiring through employment outreach schemes with local partners, or recruitment without CVs and through simulation with France Travail and its local branches. Keolis will continue to pursue its actions in the areas of diversitvy, inclusion and gender mix. The company undertakes to increase its female headcount by 30% by 2030 and source 12% of its new hires among people cut off from the job market.

More buses for better quality of service to TCL network users

To develop intermodality and promote active mobility, several routes will be adapted to enable bikes to be transported on the buses. In the event of service disruption, Keolis undertakes to notify passengers as soon as possible and resume services in accordance with the advertised timetables with an 80% reliability rate. Finally, a “Users Reflex Lab” will be created to gain even more insight into their expectations, and more staff will be deployed on the ground. The goal is to actively support SYTRAL Mobilités in increasing TCL network ridership.

Keolis Bus Lyon: committed to creating social and environmental value

Upon its formation, Keolis Bus Lyon will adopt the status of mission-driven enterprise (entreprise à mission) which will provide structure and greater intensity to social, societal and environmental progress, and in the spirit of close cooperation with all the region’s economic, institutional and non-governmental stakeholders. This ambitious policy translates into tangible targets, notable that of cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 27% over the contract’s duration.

Keolis will support SYTRAL Mobilités in its energy transition. In parallel, it will take action to substantially reduce energy consumption in buildings (by 44%), water use and the generation of waste (by 10%). Furthermore, 80% of its procurement will be local. The company will also aim to obtain B-Corp certification by the end of 2026, in recognition of its compliance with strict environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

Key figures for the network

  • 73 municipalities served
  • 136 bus routes including 8 trolleybus routes
  • 3,000 employees, including 2,300 drivers